IontoPatch® - Electronic Transdermal Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System

IontoPatch Device
Iontophoresis with the Battery Built in

The IontoPatch contains an innovative self-contained battery that produces an electric current to carry drug molecules non-invasively across the skin and to underlying tissue. There is no need for an external power source. Drug delivery is shut off automatically when the prescribed dosage has been administered. The IontoPatch is single use and disposable. Since there are no external batteries or wires, patients are able to return to their daily activities wearing the patch and receiving time-released iontophoresis.

IontoPatch Extra Strength joins IontoPatch 80, IontoPatch STAT, and IontoPatch SP as the leading iontophoretic products

  • Family of four products that treat large and small areas and fingers, offering three different wear times, three different dose strengths and two configurations
  • No charging station, dose controller or phoresor required
  • Wrappable, compressible, weight bearing (treats foot conditions), withstands vigorous activity / exercise
  • The Original Iontophoretic Patch proven by experience:
    —over 8 million administered.
    —supported by peer-reviewed published studies.
    —first and only independent published outcome-based study
       comparing iontophoresis to injection.

  • Appropriate for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Extended time-released iontophoresis
  • More cost-effective and less time consuming
  • More drug delivered and remains localized
The IontoPatch family from Travanti Medical, now with four products, offers iontophoresis with the battery built in!

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