IontoPatch™ is a drug delivery device that provides pain-free treatment without interfering with your lifestyle. All products are designed to be wrapped, splinted, and braced. You can exercise with your patch on and comfortably walk on the patch if needed.

IontoPatch™ uses a low current to effectively deliver drugs to your treatment area. Because IontoPatch™ is gentle and noninvasive, the drug delivered is able to stay in the treatment area. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, and Sports Medicine Professionals have been choosing IontoPatch™ for their patients since the early 2000s.

IontoPatch™ does not have wires or an external battery. Instead, each patch contains its own thin battery that is specially designed to deliver medication slowly over a period of several hours. With IontoPatch™, you never have to charge the battery or deal with messy wires. With 4 different delivery options, 3 application times, and 2 styles — there is an IontoPatch™ for just about everyone.