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 Taking Transdermal Delivery Two Steps Further (part 2)

Topical and transdermal drug delivery is an efficient method for localized and systemic delivery. Nanoemulsification is one way to increase penetration and bioavailability.

 Taking Transdermal Delivery Two Steps Further (part 3)

Transdermal patches deliver medication through the skin - in this post, we discuss electroporation, microneedle, and iontophoresis patch technology.

 Taking Transdermal Delivery Two Steps Further (pt 4)

Iontophoresis coupled with nanotechnology enhances transdermal delivery of lipophilic molecules.

 What it means to have 'skin in the game'

Transdermal drug administration is gaining an important place in modern drug therapy. The future of transdermal delivery relies cost effective, easy to use, and safe delivery methods that improve patient compliance and lead to better outcomes.

 Taking Transdermal Delivery Two Steps Further

Transdermal Drug Delivery is an alternative to oral, injection, topical, inhalation, smoking and vaping. Iontophoresis has been used for years in Physical Therapy - but has upside administration of NAD, CBD, medical marijuana, cannabis and other health and wellness products. IontoPatch